Thursday, July 12, 2012

New House! ''Clouderth''

Hi, this is my new house that I called Clouderth (I didn't know why xD) but the only thing you can view is this house is amazing, is small because I construct this house in Lucky Palms, I hope you like it!!

Objects: I don't like custom content I only use content from the Store
Location: The Lake Street
World: Lucky Palms
2 Rooms, 1Bath, Kitchen, Terrace, & a Modern Living Room

I Hope you Like it!! :D
If you Don't Like it... Please Don't FUCK my Life!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

∴Stephny Fayrson∵

Hi everyone, today is a good day for creating Sims and even to create your new BLOG. As this is my first post I would like at least 5 people that come to my BLOG, But you have not ever want to have your game of full brave Sims?

She is my favorite because it is so nice, tough, brave and funny, the desire of every life is like many people, being a great rocker. I know that sounds weird name but I think it's too artistic.

images, Click to zoom

(in the clothing 2,3 & 5 her eyes look strange but it's just for the poses)

which is the reason why I share my first sim?
I started doing many things, I think it's fun to do things and share them with others.

Traits: Brave

Custom Content: Skin: LemonLeaf 
                              Eyes: Shady
                              Lipstick: LemonLeaf
                              Hairs: 1 by Savio & 2 by TumTum 
                              Eyebrows: Jessica_2020 
                              Eyeshadow: Lady Frontbum
                              Top Casual: The Store
                              Dress Formal: dutch_1991
                              Top Athletic: Generations Expansion Pack

CAS images

I hope you like her!